Royal Opera House London

Attracted by the striking hanging objects over the escalator one is drawn to the upper level: intrigued by the ceiling of the 4th floor with its signature poetic decoration in relief and welcomed by the dramatic Royal Opera House costume gracefully placed on a bronze podium. The view on London always amazes and is the unique living decor of the elegant restaurant with its glazed of outside terrace as a wonderful extension.

Four bronze cabinets determine the open and intimate space, proudly showcasing Royal Opera House heritage at the front and, direction bar, wonderful wines to give the space its extra sparkle. Openness and transparency: the open bar and kitchen connect with the guests during lunch as well as supper and create this animated atmosphere that makes you want to come back, whether alone, the two of you, or with friends and family.

A fine mix of round tables with table cloth and square tables with marble and glass tops cater to all possible parties. In the bay windows the big round tables create an almost private dining like experience with a stunning view. Light naturals, soft surfaces and comfortable carpeting make a subtle and gentle atmosphere of tactility and warmth.

Mixology Best Public Design Award 2019

Restaurant & Bar Design UK Heritage Building Award 2019

Photography: James Newton and Luke Hayes

Studio Linse, 2018