Dutch Railways NS

Studio Linse co-developed with NS the concept of the interior-experience of Holland’s largest railway stations.

Bringing these important places back to life and rebranding them as portals to the cities where logistic flows meet commercial flows, creating dynamic and comfortable places that make you feel save and welcome. Working with the finest of Dutch architects Studio Linse focussed on the interior design and look & feel, always keeping in mind the human touch.
Leiden Central Station was the first location to undergo a total make-over within the new concept “Wereld Stations”, creating different worlds, distinguishing commercial, logistic and service areas. A rest area to eat, drink & meet, generic signage uniting the commercial offer and the use of timbers was added by Studio Linse aiming for comfort and warmth in the public space.
The brand new Rotterdam Central Station became a classic ever since it’s opening. Studio Linse designed retail facades, open and transparent, in a co-production with Team CS asvised on the interior design of this huge and hectic hub, creating clear lines, human scale and comfort.

Photography: Ewout Huibers and Michel Claus